Saturday, August 27, 2005

Expression, creation and freedom IV

Or maybe I should rename this series "Another Crappy Poem" haha! Don't forget I have lots of my crappy poems in posted on the site even when I don't put them in the blog entries. This one is currently untitled:

Streaking they burn the sky
flashing over a celestial sea
of whizzing expanding bodies
frozen in the forever light of the sky
even as the stars and moons
race madly toward eternity
warm trails of sorrow
marking their wet wake
soft and steady
they flow down
over skin and hair
in coarse winding trails
blindly falling away
into the darkness
aching and trembling
in the depth creation
the heart trembles
and the cosmos weeps.

There you go! :)


Wow They Are Awful

I actually followed the link I provided. Pheww. What's that smell? Of course, there is a missing poem because it was on a page introducing the poetry section, and it (a poem called 'Twilight') can be found here. I actually like 'Twilight'. It's the oldest poem I still have intact (anything older than 1998 appears to be a testament to impermanence haha!). In fact, it would be at the top of my list if I were trying to select the few decent poems I've written. Not as good but possibly joining it on the list: 'Lessons of the Road' (Parts I & III for sure, maybe Part II), 'Bedtime Story', and 'Mourning'. I might waffle about whether to include 'Shades of Blue and Gray', and I haven't had time to really get to know the latest untitled piece published above--it's just too new. But really, in the end, I think 'Twilight' is the only really decent one in the lot.

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