Monday, December 5, 2005

Religious and Spiritual Resources

Dharmic Traditions

-American Buddhist Study Center
-Cloudwater Zendo
-E-Sangha Buddhism Portal
-(A Few) Mahayana Sutras
-Pali Canon
-Buddhist Peace Fellowship
-Buddhist Inmate Sangha
-Earth Sangha
-Prison Dharma Network
-Women Sakyadhita

Abrahamic Traditions

-The Center for Progressive Christianity
-The Christian Allaince for Progress
-The Christian Universalist Association
-Contemplative Outreach
-Awakened Heart Project

Interfaith, Multifaith, and General Religious Tradtions

-Unitarian Universalist Association (North America)
-Sea of Faith (UK)
-Humanist Manifesto(s)
-Sacred Texts (Beliefnet)
-Faithful America
-Interfaith Alliance
-Religions for Peace
-Monastic Interreligious Dialogue
-Teasdale Memorial
-The Empty Bell

Getting Involved

-Search for Common Ground
-International Campaign for Tibet
-Amnesty International
-National Religious Campaign Against Torture
-Save Darfur
-Earth Share
-World Environment Organization
-World Wildlife Fund
-American Red Cross
-America's Second Harvest
-US Campaign for Burma

Weekly Action Coalition Members

-Weekly Action Coalition
-Thoughts of an Average Woman
-Public Theologian
-Rage is Good
-Disenchanted Forest
-Faithful Progressive
-Lydia Cornell

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