Thursday, December 29, 2005

What a difference a year makes

Of course, it is also just as applicable to say "What a difference a moment makes", but given the cultural standard of reviewing years at this time on the calendar, why not? Besides, many interesting changes have taken place in that time span:

  • I (successfully) defended my dissertation
  • I received my PhD in Anthropology
  • At the very start of 2005 I began practicing with a Buddhist sangha and went to every weekly meeting except for three (because of obligations to friends or to attend conferences)
  • I applied to over 20 faculty positions, have had half a dozen interviews (with more hopefully to come), and made the short list for at least one position
  • I continued teaching as an assistant or adjunct and was offered a chance to teach my own course in the upcoming spring at a local university
  • I celebrated a seventh wedding anniversary with my wife
  • I started this blog
  • I had the chance each day to learn new things, make new choices, and live a unique life made up entirely of moments that have never been seen before and will never happen again

Not bad, really.

I think a quote, a favorite of a Nichiren Buddhist friend of mine, just seems like it would really fit here:

Ultimately, all phenomena are contained within one's life, down to the last particle of dust. The nine mountains and the eight seas are encompassed by one's body; the sun, moon and myriad stars are contained within one's mind.

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