Friday, June 2, 2006

Solo practice

Due to various personal circumstances, for three months I have been unable to attend the sangha I had been practicing with since the beginning of 2005. I managed to go to three weeks (in a row no less) in early May, but that's been it. Immediate thoughts on this include:

  • practice isn't just the formal exercises--those are simply for practice and recharging
  • formal practice with others is not necessary but it is very beneficial
  • it would be nice to be able to continue group practice

Anyway, I am continually reminding myself to find the opportunity in every crisis or unexpected circumstance, which tends to reinvigorate my resolve to appreciate where I am not where I might otherwise "wish" to be.

I may be limited to solo practice, but I am not practicing alone.



  1. I agree here and I think that the gift of the internet allows us to be in contact with the widest, most far reaching sangha ever.

    I bow to the Buddha within you.

  2. Thanks James...

    Gassho to you as well (or Namaste, or whichever you prefer) :o)


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