Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blogroll... clean-up?

Some blogs that I have in my list on the sidebar are apparently no more, some with advanced notice and some without warning, so for now they will be removed. If you happen to notice they are back up/have moved, it would be ever so nice of you to let me know. The clean-up includes the following: Beneath the Clouds, One Robe, One Bowl, Paperfrog, and The Immeasurable Light.

Be well :o)


  1. "Beneath the clouds" has become "unvarnished" and includes some of Andrew's posts from the previous blog - Some excellent posts there to check up on

    Yueheng's been chopping and changing blogs, sadly The Informalist and the Immeasurable Light have gone. He was last infrequently posting at

    One robe, One bowl disappeared a couple of weeks ago - i hope this returns, not heard any news about it

    Paper Frog is now blogging at his new site-


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