Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hello there

So, in the Welcome message it says that people who (I think) might be interested in this blog would include:

  • religious humanists
  • non-religious humanists
  • independent spiritualists
  • those in sacred traditions
  • mystics
  • those curious about such folks

So, if wouldn't mind, please respond and let me know which category or categories you might fall into. In case you've missed me going on and on about it previously, I find these terms to be labels, not identities, so don't worry about being pigeon-holed.




  1. I just happened by, and I'm a Buddhist, but I'm more of a secular humanist / Theravada buddhist than I am a multiple realms of hellfire sort of monk following Buddhist, though I'm ok with that too given the right monk. :)

    Strangely enough, one might say being a fundamentalist Buddhist makes one more of a humanist. (Ducking and running)...


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