Thursday, October 12, 2006

Born again Buddhist

I don't have access to Tricycle online, but if you do, or if you subscribe to the print version, be sure to check out the article "Born Again Buddhist" by Clark Strand in the current (Fall 2006) issue. Or do what I do, and peruse it at one of those big chains that put the comfortable chairs next to the perdiodicals section. Then come back and let me know your reaction. :o)


  1. That's all yer gonna say? Okie doke.

    There's a Barnes and Noble that has a Starbucks melded in with it and has sofas, that's not too far away. How long is this article? Should I buy a scone and a venti green-tea frapaccino?

    I have to tell ya, I have issues with Strand. By the title and author, I am already feeling bile well up in my throat. Maybe I better skip the scone.

  2. If I say more now, it could:

    1) bias people before they read it;

    2) give away the premise and make it less interesting to read.

    But given the size of Tricycle articles, it's on the shorter side. Not very short, but a quick read.


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