Sunday, October 1, 2006

Checking in on some Buddhism-themed blogs

On the plus side, not only has Blogmandu returned to regular roundups but it has gone nearly-daily. Yay. :o) Then I accidentally clicked on a link for One Robe, One Bowl. It had been down for a while, so when something other than a 404 error screen popped up I thought - "It's back!" Well, sort of. I can't read it, but I get the feeling it isn't about an American Buddhist living in Korea anymore...? And then there is Woodmoor Village Zendo, which is still going strong. Now, recently Paper Frog was put on hiatus, so it made sense that over at Blog Heaven (from Beliefnet) that PF would be dropped from the list of active Buddhist blogs. And it was. Which only left Woodmoor. But now Woodmoor is gone, and so there is a heading for a section listing examples of the best of the Buddhist-themed blogs, but there are no listing. At least not last night or as of this posting. I have no idea why Woodmoor would be removed, but it and/or one or two of several other blogs (Danny Fisher, Lotus in the Mud, Green Clouds, The Buddhist Blog, etc, just to name a few) would also be right at home in the list. I guess we'll see what happens (as always).

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  1. Very interesting. No Buddhist blogs in heaven.

    I'm not surprised some other bird has taken over the abandoned One Robe, One Bowl nest. If you give up your blogspot moniker, someone else swoops in pretty fast. It happened to and and others. I guess there aren't really enough names out there!

    Curious that WVZ has lost its cloud in heaven. I notice that it still has the required Blog Heaven icon in its sidebar. You would think the Beliefnet folks would re-evaluate their roster all at once and less painfully do a sudden, massive replacement of 'tired' blogs with whatever vibrant Young Turks they find out there.

    After beginning Blog Heaven with fanfare, it had seemed that Beliefnet pretty much abandoned the effort, leaving it to run on its own without custodial supervision. I confess I haven't been to the BH page in a long time.

    You're right, though. We'll see what happens, as always.


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