Monday, May 14, 2007

Mr Blue Sky

Having been in the Pittsburgh area for a year shy of a decade, I can say that having 13 of the first 14 days of May with bright, sunny blue skies MUST be some kind of record. Even today it was gray until 3 or 4 p.m., it then went back to a nice azure hue. Two years ago (OK, it will be two years 10 days from now) I a great quote about having faith in the presence of the blue sky even when it is obscured by clouds (hey, I worked in a subtle Floyd reference) - "I think Sensei Ogui says it best in his book Zen Shin Talks when referring to rising through the storm clouds of life. The clouds may be blocking your view of the blue sky, but it's still there--'Go through and through and through, and you will enjoy the blue sky.' " So, here's to you Mr. Blue Sky, courtesy of ELO...

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  1. well that was a trip down memory lane! Thank you :-)


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