Friday, February 29, 2008

What soothes you when you are freaking out?

Or when you are really nervous, upset, or angry? I mean, honestly, debating the nature of the Divinity of Christ or discussing the implications of emptiness for everyday life are NOT really going to make you feel better when you are panicked. Suddenly, a lot of the little phrases people sometimes toss around ("It's OK, even what you're going through now is impermanent...")can sound crass and grating rather than insightful or compassionate. People don't need an intellectual Dharma lesson, they need a practical one (such a well-timed hug or thoughtfully placed pat on the shoulder or even eye contact that shows you care and are concerned). So, when you become really distraught or overwrought, not just a little upset or a little out of sorts - what helps bring you out of it and calm you down? (And, by extension, what do you do for others who are similarly overwhelemed by their current perceptions and circumstances - in all honesty and with triteness aside, What would Jesus or the Buddha do?)

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