Monday, June 9, 2008

For reflection


  1. Hey tiny, it's recoil from the CARM message boards. I thought posting this here would work better then on CARM. A few of us offshoots started another message boards for discussion. We are a diverse group of people with views from Christianity, native American religion, atheism, deism, etc. If you would like to, we would enjoy having you post on these boards as well. This is a group of people you can let your hair down and discuss things without worrying about the reactions.

  2. Cool. I've been a part of other offshoot forums as well, including the one that was AARM and then became Talk Beliefs. I like the people, but it has become repetitive and polemic and bitter. I've also tended to at least keep in touch with Metacrock's forums as well as he is banned about the half the time from CARM anyway. I don't have loads of time, but I do think that the forums you mention sound interesting so I will definitely come and visit. Thank you.


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