Friday, September 5, 2008

Little bird on my doorstep

When I got home there was a little bird sitting on the doorstep of my building. It wasn't standing and ready to hop or fly. It was sitting, as if in a nest. During the day the left side of the front double door is left open, and the little one was sitting right where the door would be if it closed. The other door is latched from the inside, so there was no way around the bird. I wondered if it was hurt, and I tried to look without getting too close. Eventually I stepped over it, and it flew up the stairs in a short burst. Seeing that I live upstairs, I waited for the bird to move again. Now there is nothing really too odd about a little bird behaving that way, and even odd behavior doesn't mean there is some hidden significance to such an occurrence. It's just a bird. Then there are those who take it as a glorious sign and manifestation precisely because it is a bird, and view that in and of itself as a sufficient wonder.

How do you see it?

Do you take notice of such things and have a deep sense of appreciation or are they relegated to the domain of casual observation?


  1. Yes I take it very seriously. Last summer there was a gust of wind. The nest fell from the tree. (I didn't know it had happened.) Then there was a cry of distress from the ground. It was insistent and persistent. Finally I went out the door to see what was the distress. I found the nest, but not the bird. What happened? I don't know. It was just a bird. And here I am one year later thinking about it.

  2. Living in the city, I treasure any little bit of nature that creeps in. I too found a bird on my doorstep not long ago. It was in the spring and it was a younger bird. It just sat there unafraid, and I was able to walk past it. I found it again when I returned home from work that evening. It was gone in the morning with no sign of a struggle.

    Sadly it wasn't singing "don't worry bout a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right", or maybe it was and I just couldn't hear it. ;-)

  3. Wow, two very divergent replies.


    Now the other day, right after the bird incident, I am at work and I open the door to the building closest to my office and there is a bat. It is right in the doorway, just touching where the door would be when it is closed. Now bats sometimes carry rabbies, so I didn't just want to just grab it. It was asleep though and someone might have come along and stepped on it. The facility people came and took it out. So twice in one week, eh? I wonder what the next door is going to have in it?

  4. You're a regular St. Francis of Assisi or Dr. Doolittle! ;-)


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