Saturday, March 7, 2009

Archbishop Tutu on Craig Ferguson

As a fan of Fergusn's work on CBS's The Late Late Show and an admirer of the work of Desmond Tutu, I was pleasantly stunned when I checked my recordings (it's the only way I have time to keep up with anything on television) and found that Tutu was a guest this week on Ferguson's show. Ferguson has relaxed confessional atmosphere on his program, so he is able to seriously entertain such a guest without the sense of pretense or a noticeable change in tone or approach. Ferguson was nominated for an Emmy for The Late Late Show in 1996 and one would think episodes like this will earn him additional attention from the critics. CBS hasn't released the full episode on the show's webpage, and the videos that are showing up elsewhere only capture bits and pieces of this wonderful dialogue. If and when the full episode is made available I will post a link here. Listen for the laughter! :)

UPDATE: Here is the link - CLICK HERE.

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