Sunday, July 26, 2009

Disturbing news from a Chinese blog(ger) I follow

I have no idea to what make of this...
Update on No Updates

This post is from Jie's webmaster.

Sorry there have been no updates to "Ecumenical Buddhism" lately. From what I have been told, Jie has been kidnapped by Tibetan seperatists who found out where he was traveling in Sichuan, and has been unable to submit updates to me. His family are trying to secure his release by directly negotiating with this secessionists, choosing not to involve the Chinese government in this. Updates will resume as soon as he can be freed from these terrorists. Even though these extremists have done this, Jie would be the first to say that such actions do not represent the Tibetan people or Tibetan Busshism as a whole, these individuals are extremists misrepthe true teachings of their supposed faith for secular reasons of power.

Update: Per request, here is a way to donate money to Jie's family to help gain his release...

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