Friday, October 8, 2010

A Buddhist prayer for those who feel persecuted

I don't know of any out there, so I thought I might try my hand at writing one.  I've previously posted a prayer for people who feel hated by Fr. James Martin, and again if you have a prayer from your sacred tradition or life philosophy you wish to share please send it along.

A Buddhist prayer for those who feel persecuted

The Buddha said the Dharma was not his
That he merely shared a way for us to know it
The Sangha tells me we all share Buddha-nature
But deep down I doubt this is really true
I am told my enemies are my greatest teachers
But in private I find this hard to accept
Adversity can sometimes be a blessing
helping me understand and atone for past choices
But often it just feels like it is senseless suffering

I call upon all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Enlightened Beings,
From the ten directions and the three times, and from all cultures
Share the strength and comfort of your compassion and wisdom with me
Honor your vows and help liberate this suffering being from delusion
Save me from the ignorance, greed and hatred with which I have been poisoned
Help me to see that those who bully, taunt, or shame me suffer as I do
Show me how to rest within my pain rather than struggle with it
Guide me in making an offering of these feelings rather than clinging to them
So that they do not become grudges, fears or a source of self-loathing
And instead become the seeds of mercy, forgiveness and empathy
Reveal the light and beauty within me that cannot be tarnished
That cannot be diminished by any action, speech or thought
And aid me in assisting others in the same way
So that this light may brighten the lives of others
May everyone I encounter be so blessed


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