Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Benediction for 3/06/11

From the Reverend Jonathan Hagger...

If you buy a single nowadays, especially if it is a dance track, the chances are that it will have on it not only the original recording but also various remixes. I expect for the record companies and the artists this makes good commercial sense because, as different people like different styles, it increases the number of copies of the record that they will sell.

Perhaps in our postmodern world the emergent, Christian church could use this music industry phenomenon to understand and relate to the other religions of the world. In stead of viewing other faiths as completely different products maybe we should accept them, and ourselves even, as remixed versions of the original track. A mashed up God for a smashed up world. If we only understood that we are all dancing to the same tune, albeit different versions of the same tune, perhaps our race would be in a better position to repair the damage we have caused.


  1. I checked iTunes. I have three songs title Rhythm Of Love, all different songs, one by Yes, one by Scorpions, and one by Plain White T's, the Scorpions version being a tad more carnal. ;-)

    Your last line made me think of that title. Would that we all could dance to that.

    I also found Rhythm of Hope, by Jean Luc Ponty, and the classic Mystic Rhythms, by Rush.

  2. I should have said "His last line..."


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