Sunday, May 27, 2012

Upcoming blog topics and sympathy with those seeking meaning and fulfillment

If you check through the past seven years (seven years?!) of this blog, you will see that I have been sympathetic to Dharmic religions (via Buddhism), Abrahamic/theistic religions (via Christianity), and to atheism (via Humanism). And believe it or not, I think I may be inspired to write a little about potential sympathy for the eclectic blend of practices and artistic expression that is commonly grouped together as "New Age".

I kid you not.

I still have some things intended for development in the pipeline for Christianity, but they are ideas only. That well is mostly tapped out for now. And what really has my attention is the material I've been touching on this spring (including a very recent post on "God bias") involving spirituality and neurobiology. The interesting part is how different approaches can study the same thing, and how spirituality, contemplation, and mysticism (apart from what people make of formal and organized religion) may hold important subjective information and expression about the mind that correlates with scientific investigations of the brain.

My attention is also still riveted by another topic that's always been on the periphery but which has also been drawn out in more recent posts, namely the subjective experience of going beyond comfortable patterns of logic and familiar cycles of thought and how various spiritual, religious, and artistic practices can provoke and support such experiences.

Comments are most welcome.

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