Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Father Jakes stops for some mystical ecumincism

Father Jake has been posting on a theme recently involving the mystical aspects of Christianity and a univeralist-sounding approach to that faith. In Seeking the Way to God he writes...
Many of those outside the Church have a very negative perception of Christianity based on their limited experience of Christians, who come across as arrogant, judgmental hypocrites. As with most generalizations, that is an incomplete characterization of those who follow Christ. But regardless of that, it is the image that we have to live down.

Do we really think that since so many of those who claim to be Christians have failed in their mission to be a window to God, that God, whose love is for ALL people, would not create other forms of revelation?

In The Mystical Christ, Father Jake quotes from Fr. John-Julian Swanson on the limitations of the strictly historical view of Christ. Good readin'!

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