Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deepak Chopra's latest book: The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

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I apologize because this isn't a review (yet). I am watching my pennies, even though the book is only $13.49 $11.69 on Amazon.com. I know he has written a prolific number of books, and I know that, whether the advise is useful or not, many self-help books simply repeat the same kinds of insights and motivational advice with different styles and anecdotes. So I tweeted the good Dr. Chopra and asked which of his many volumes he would recommend if someone could only read one book. He kindly took the time to reply and suggested "The Ultimate Happiness Prescription". OK. So the book is out as of today. If you anyone wants to give me their impressions (or loan me their copy) please let me know. Otherwise it will go on my Christmas wishlist (and I don't exchange very many gifts with very many people).
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  1. He recommended his most recent book? Hmmmm.

    I have How To Know God in audio form, but haven't listened to it yet.

  2. I could be cynical, but it is also possible he feels that he gets it most right or best said in his latest effort. :o)

  3. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but so many of his titles look like typical self help BS.


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