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A challenging view of Jesus Christ

English: Icon of Jesus Christ
English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have written extensively giving what can be considered "challenging views" of Jesus of Nazareth and his association with the concept of the Christ, too much to point you to everything here. (If interested you can scan through the posts listed under the Christian Teachings heading of the selected archives.)

I do so not to proclaim my own personal views or to spur debates. I do so to support the resurrection of a more a more contemplative, poetic, inclusive, and compassionate Christianity which can more effectively work for peace and social justice and which can coexist in a mutually beneficial way with peoples of other religions and of none at all. The material is for Christians and non-Christians. I think this is a good thing to support.

The views of Jesus presented in this series of posts (which have been suggested or implied previously) will undoubtedly offend some Christians, which is why I refer to it as "a challenging view". If you don't want to be challenged, don't read it.

Such views include the idea that Jesus was not specially created by God to wear as a human suit, that when Jesus of Nazareth is referred to in exclusive terms this refers to a perception of non-dual unity with the universe personified as "the Christ" and represented early Jewish audiences of the Gospel in messianic terms, that we all have the potential to participate in being Christ every bit as much as  Jesus of Nazareth, that is participation doesn't require you to be formally recognized as a "Christian", that Jesus-as-Christ, Jesus the Christ, or the more familiar "Jesus Christ" represents our own innate potential for wholeness and fulfillment to act as a blessing to the world, and that an emphasis on worshiping Jesus as a savior can rapidly lead to idolatry and getting away from actually following the example of Jesus in a real and unique way. Just mimicking a 2000 year old culture or adhering to the letter of creeds and dogmas while ignoring their spirit isn't "the Way".

See what I mean about being controversial?

This particular series focuses on Christian holy days. As new additions are added they will linked below.
The following are not written in liturgical order, but they are arranged according to the liturgical calendar:

A challenging view of Holy Saturday
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  1. Very interesting ideas. I don't know if I agree, I don't think I do but not sure if I understand them. I do agree Jesus was not a "man suit" for God. I don't think that's the only form of incarnation possible. I appreciate your willingness to explore new ideas. I am going to read your articles and maybe I'll make a comment on them in my blog, at the same time give your blog a plug. feel free to comment.

    1. The things you are referring to have already been written about in a previous series, but they are featured this time around in relation to the liturgical season.


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